Assert Yourself

Where in your life do you wish to set a boundary?

With whom do you need to have a conversation?

In what areas do you seek more power and strength?

According to Webster’s Dictionary

To assert oneself is to: speak or act in a manner that compels recognition especially of one’s rights

If somewhere, someone led you to believe your voice didn’t matter, it’s time to release this thinking.

If you’ve been waiting to connect with your inner strength to resolve an issue, do it now.

Often we endure much more than we need to when it comes to other peoples thoughts, ideas or visions. Often we tolerate less than desirable circumstances because we fear confrontation or change.

If we only knew how glorious it felt to rid ourselves of the heavy burden of outside influence, we would be assertive all day long.

What will it take for you to be assertive today? Make a commitment to be a stand for yourself. Set a clear intention to set a boundary or put a structure in place. Know that you have a right to your boundaries and so do others. Do what it takes to exercise this right as often as you need and experience it getting easier each time.

Be clear in your communication. Be committed to your boundary. Know that you are worth it!

Happy Friday!



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