Hiding Behind Our Limitations

It has been stated in many ways that “if you fight for your limitations- you will surely get to keep them’.

How many of us use our limitations as the reason we don’t step up to the plate? How long will we give power to what isn’t instead of what is, could be?

What isn’t going exactly as you’d like? Maybe your relationship has glitches, or your finances are at an all time low. Possibly you have a handicap of some sort or lack formal education. Do you know that people with these same limitations have gone on to realize their visions IN SPITE of it all?

So the next time you hear yourself say, I would love to do that – and I will, eventually – when I resolve my limitation… remember this….

Let your limitations be the driving force for you to THRIVE ANY WAY.

Use what you have AND what you don’t have to fuel you not stop you. Change your language to ‘I’m there no matter what’ Just think of the example you will be for your children, your partner, your friends and family. We all need to witness someone soaring in spite of their limitations. It could be YOU.

No more hiding behind them…. It’s time to thrive with or without them!


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