Compliments Go A Long Way

Most people truly love genuine compliments. It’s a confirmation that what they are doing or who they are being is resonating with the world. While it may not be the reason behind what we do or who we are, it still feels good to know how you land with those around you.

Some feel awkward receiving compliments. They might discount it, minimize it or shrug it off. They might change the subject or feel obligated to compliment back. This not only takes away from your experience of being honored but consider what it feels like for the giver.

The next time someone delivers a compliment your way, do your best to just receive it with the intent it was delivered and just say ‘thank you’. Then enjoy the energy of it all.

For those who think wonderful thoughts about others – remember they will never know you think these thoughts unless you share them. Letting someone know how you feel about them is a great gift.

Let the compliments begin!

Happy Monday



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One comment

  1. This is so accurate, people so often just do not know how to take a compliment or denigrate the compliment. it is always good to find something to compliment others about too.


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