Is There A Hidden Meaning?

Maybe you lost your keys, your contact lens And your wallet.

Maybe you are getting too many colds, or falling down a lot.

Maybe your alarm clock, your DVD player AND your ipod all went on the blink.

Is it a coincidence when you are bombarded with similar breakdowns? While it could be, it can also be time to stop and take a look at the situation. For instance, if you find that you are angry at several people, could it be that YOU need to take a look at YOU? I always say ‘sure, I could realistically be angry at one person, but when it’s more than that… it’s about me’. (Technically it’s always about me, but I like to say this for effect)

When something like this happens, take a personal inventory, just in case it is a message for you.

Possibly you need to:

Slow down

Take better care of yourself

Get more rest

Forgive more

Learn acceptance

Eat better

Educate yourself

Do more spiritual work

What is the hidden meaning about your repetitive occurrences? It could be something simple or a life change opportunity. Be mindful of this as you shift into awareness and notice the occurrences begin to diminish. For instance, someone who is ‘victim’ to others driving behaviors will have less of that experience when they forgive easily OR when they become a better driver themselves.

Open yourself to the possibility that a constant occurrence is there to help you have a shift in consciousness. While it’s not always a pleasant experience, it does go away when we ‘get it’.

Happy Tuesday



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