Light and Airy Wins The Race

There are those who walk around with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Some think their problems are much more than those around them.

What they may not realize is how much that heaviness keeps them in their dilemma. It’s not pleasant or productive to stay in the muck. Besides, the people around them are uncomfortable when they wear their problems on their sleeve.

Who are YOU more inclined to socialize with? The person who continually expresses what’s wrong or the person who makes everything light and airy?

Remember, we ALL have something going on… we just don’t infect the world with our ‘stuff’. You would be amazed with the burdens those around you are carrying yet choose to be light hearted. Whiles it’s ok to choose a support system to release with, it’s not ok to be walking bad news.

This rule also applies to your partner- Often we think they are there to be our sounding board. Imagine what you create if both of you dump your day in the middle of the room. How much fun is that? if you agree to do a minute of venting (if any) and then go to something lighter, it will not only feel better, but the relationship will likely improve.

Light and Airy – isn’t denying that you have problems… it’s just not giving power to them.

Happy Wednesday,



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