Growth Is Not An Option

The world is filled with those enthusiastically seeking personal and/or spiritual development. This is wonderful. It is also filled with those who enjoy ‘being’ just where they are. This too is wonderful. There are many levels of growth between the two. The object is to enjoy the ride. We all seek to be happy. Whether that means moving forward at Mach I or being comfortable with status quo is up to the individual.

So what about those who are dissatisfied with the level, pace or results of their growth? Is it growth and development when we are hard on ourselves? Wouldn’t unconditional love and acceptance in ANY circumstance be the ideal and the true measurement of growth?

If we ‘slip’ from our optimal path, do we regress? Is it possible to ever go all the way back? It’s been said that we can never truly go back to square one AND that if we stood still we would still grow. Apparently, there is no stopping us! Isn’t that fantastic?

So if you are passionate about your transformation, include ultimate joy in the equation as well as knowing that you will most definitely get ‘there’ eventually, even without trying. Maybe a bit sooner with more effort but you will get there just the same. You see Growth is not an option, it’s inevitable. Have fun with it or why participate.



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