Where Do Great People Go?

[tweetmeme] Ever wonder where you go to meet really great people? You know, those that are up to something, are full of life and you just can’t help wanting to be around. What do they do for fun? Where do they go for lunch? What type of vacations do they go on?

Guess what? Great people are EVERYWHERE! They food shop and go to the beach and the bookstore. Really great people aren’t obvious; they are more reserved about their greatness. Having a keen eye for this will help. Look for the greatness in those you would typically think otherwise. Listen for the gold coming from them verbally and energetically. Give everyone a chance to show you their greatness. It may surprise you to find out who’s been hiding behind their normalcy.

Some feel unworthy of associating with ‘great’ people. Why is that? After all, you wouldn’t be attracted to someone like that if you weren’t great yourself, right? Be daring enough to initiate a conversation with a great person. Invite them for a cup of coffee or a conversation. Take the leap of faith that you are worthy of their friendship. Because you are. And if they decline, this only means they declined, it’s not about you.

So, for today, connect with your OWN greatness. Stand tall and proud of who you are – what you’ve accomplished and who you aspire to become. Attract other great people by oozing your own magnificence and enjoy.

Happy Friday!



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