Making The Most Of It

– It rained during your outdoor party.
– Your vacation plans didn’t turn out as desired.
– You burned dinner.
– Your co-worker didn’t show up for a project deadline.
– You’re stuck in traffic.
– Your kids just jumped in a mud puddle.

What could possibly be bad enough to ruin your day? What kind of power do you want to give to a situation? It’s inevitable that life will take unexpected turns. It happens a lot to many of us. If we know that’s how life works, then why not learn to go for the ride?

If the next time you take something out of the fridge and it splatters on the floor, consider refraining from yelling obscenities and make light of it. I personally look to one of my cats and ask “OK, which one of you is going to clean this up?” While neither of them ever offers, it keeps the energy light and airy.

We have choices when something unplanned occurs. We can react in a negative way which has us appear as a victim or we can act in a pleasant and positive way that has us appear resilient and fun.

Which one do you choose the next time something we call disastrous happens?

Happy Tuesday


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