Playing Hard To Get

Are you playing hard to get?

Oh, you know who you are. You’re the one that resists a compliment when given. You’re the one that gives more than you receive. You’re the one that makes time for others and not for yourself.
You’re the one that over-commits to things and then feels depleted. You’re the one depriving yourself of quality alone time.

So why don’t you allow self love to come into your life? What will it take for you to accept the fact that you deserve more? While this conversation might keep showing up in your life, consider it a reminder that YOU count.

There’s an ‘inner you’ trying to love the ‘outer you’. Are you ignoring it? We tend to shrug off the prompt to take a nap, eat a healthy meal at the table instead of the computer or TV. We tend to devalue our time by spending it in negative surroundings. We tend to accept unacceptable behavior from others instead of setting clear and concise boundaries.

Are you playing hard to get with yourself? Is self love trying to court you? If you truly want love in your life, then open up to the possibility of your first love – your truest love – the love of your life – YOU.

Happy Thursday!


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