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Staying Positive in a Negative ‘World’

Of all the people in the world, the range of perspective goes from ‘those who see the bright side of everything’ to ‘those who see doom and gloom in anything’. And it appears that never the two ends shall meet.

Suppose you are the optimist in your world and you would like to stay that way. What’s a person to do when everyone around you is gossiping, complaining or judging?

It’s a challenge to stay in the light with all that going on. Often we begin to wear the muck of those around us. We feel ourselves being adversely affected by our surroundings. We find it hard to recover.

Oh, but wait!!! Have we forgotten that we have choice in the matter and that WE get to decide who is an influence on whom?

When we are committed to shine our light, what typically happens is that others either cease to pollute or will catch on to our rainbow. At the very least they will probably distance themselves from you since you are no fun to play with – sparing you the heaviness.

If we get mad or complain about the complainers, we become just like them. The solution is to continue staying positive, optimistic, joyful, loving or whatever suits you. Insist that your personal space be sacred and only for those with kinds words. Engage in a different kind of communication and begin a new trend of thought provoking articles, forward thinking conversations and be the bearer of good news.

Be the change as they say, not the victim of those who threaten or challenge who you truly are. Be a stand for a positive world.

After all, it is Your world.

Happy Friday


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