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I Decide

I decide if the attention you give me feels loving or not.
I decide if I am on the right track
I decide when it’s time to make a change for myself
I decide if I am in the right career.
I decide what direction my life will go
I decide what emotion I want to have
I decide how to care for myself and my body
I decide what does or doesn’t feel right
I decide how happy I want to be
I decide who I truly am.

When all is said and done, with respect to all those closest to us, we decide what suits us. We may act on this, we may not be able to just yet or we may never act on it. But, from today on, know that you get to decide for yourself. Unless we are governed by certain circumstances, no one has authority over us. Some may try, and some succeed. From today forward, we can choose differently.

Allow your fullest self expression. Open up to the real you. Dance to your own rhythm. Play with life and feel the joy. Decide to.

Happy Thursday



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