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On The Fence

When you are stuck between two places, things feel pretty uncomfortable. Often we vacillate on which choice to make. Do I take this job or that? Should I stay or leave a relationship? Can I take this vacation or that one? It might be that you are stuck and don’t know what to do in a current situation.

The angst that is felt while in the indecisive stage is sometimes debilitating. Our days feel sluggish, our minds are cluttered with thoughts of resolution. Our frustration levels escalate. We are so disconnected from our joy until we can see the light.

Think about all the time wasted on ‘processing’ and analyzing a situation. Is it possible that all of our thinking will not get us there or it would have already?

Consider this – that it is the FENCE itself that is causing the pain and not the situation. Let me say this again – being on the fence is where the pain is, not the decision.

For example, did you ever notice when you finally come to a conclusion after tossing around pros and cons, how relieved you feel? Now in some cases you don’t truly know if you made the ‘correct’ decision. The relief was in making ‘A’ decision.

Some of us are so afraid of making the wrong decision that we make NO decision at all and that causes us even more down time than any thing else.

For today, consider getting off the fence in those areas that are tugging at your energy. Make a decision. Try it. Once you do, you will feel free of the burden. Yes, you might question it and doubt it, but get used to trusting yourself. Trust that you know what to do and that yes you might make a mistake. It’s okay to make them, really. As I always say: “I’d rather fail doing it my way then succeed doing it someone else’s way”.

Get into the habit of making choices and decisions. And get off that fence!

Happy Monday


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