Communication is Key

[tweetmeme]Do you have unresolved issues with people in your life? Maybe it was an argument. Maybe you choose not to continue a relationship with a friend. Or maybe something someone did is lingering in your mind and taking up space.

Have you suppressed any of this? It can’t be healthy to harbor negative thoughts about anyone or anything could it? What do you suppose it does to your body or you lust for life? Eventually it’s going to weigh you down and have an impact on your joy. It’s important to release these feelings.

Communication is key. When it’s possible, have a conversation to clear the air between you and another. Be clear on your intention. Making someone ‘wrong’ will not move the conversation forward. Committing to a Win/Win outcome will feel much better for everyone. Even if you want to end a friendship you can do it mindfully.

If for some reason you are not able to have a conversation, then at the very least make sure you feel heard. You do this by finding a committed listener who will hear you with the intent to release your upset only. Not to marinate in the problem. You can also do the famous letter writing technique. One where you write a letter that you will never mail. Get your thoughts and feelings out on paper. You will be amazed by the release. Make sure you say EVERYTHING you need to say. Be as ugly as you need to be. Don’t rationalize in the letter. This is a place to really let it out. When you are done, sit back for a moment and ‘be’ with what occurred. Then burn the letter!

If you are not clear on how to do any this, call me for a communication session or ask someone you know to help you with this.

Happy Wednesday


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