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Freedom to ‘Be’

[tweetmeme]I saw a lady in the post office yesterday. She was wearing orange slip on shoes with yellow socks. She had sunglasses with palm trees etched in the glass that peeked out from under her rimmed cap. I couldn’t help but notice. I couldn’t help but approach her as she quietly prepared her mail at a workstation. I said “I have to tell you that I just love your self expression”. She smiled and generously began to tell me the story about her sunglasses and how she wished she could find more and share them with the world. I loved her gentleness and ‘comfortability’ with herself. She thanked me for making her day, but really, she made mine.

So often we are pressured to conform to the world. Maybe so we don’t feel judged or maybe because we are afraid to try something new. Maybe because we never really allowed our own self expression to emerge. How many of us want to do something daring yet hold back?

Would you like to begin a new trend of self expression? You don’t have to dye your hair green. (but you can) Maybe you hesitate to dance when you hear music in the elevator – then dance. Maybe you feel the urge to regularly bring lunch to a homeless person – then do it. Maybe you want to ride a bike to work – then ride.

What urge have you been suppressing that would express who you truly are? Why would you deprive yourself of this? How long will you stifle this amazing part of you?

For today, become aware of those tugs you have to show the real you. Be who you truly want to be in the world. Feel free to be YOU. No one does it better.

And to the lady at the Post Office – I for one LOVE to talk to strangers. Meeting you encourages me to do more of that. Thank you for the absolute pleasure.

Happy Friday!


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