Facing the Facts

[tweetmeme]Often we feel our lives are not turning out exactly as we planned. Maybe we thought we’d be married by now or have a more success. Maybe we thought we’d finally get to Europe.

Whatever it is that feels like lack or failure, might very well be a gift. What? Yes, there are times when we want something ‘right now’ and if we don’t get it we feel empty or disappointed. But sometimes there is an ultimate reason.

Suppose you are being groomed to have what you want. Suppose you can have it all when you do the work necessary to attain them.

I once complained to a very wise woman about how long it was taking to have the life I loved. She said, ‘Fran, some people were meant to have a paradigm shift and some were meant to be a slow boil’. Ok, so I didn’t love that answer. But if it were true, then why go through this life kicking and screaming like a brat until I got what I wanted. Why not face the facts that I am a slow boiler and embrace it.

As it happens, my life unfolds beautifully. If I had that paradigm shift years ago, I would have missed out on the amazing experience of getting HERE. Why on earth do we want to deprive ourselves of the experience JUST to have the outcome?

Oh, I still want things right now. I still have huge plans I am trying to force to come to fruition. I also have to eventually face the facts that if I don’t have these ‘things’ yet, then it’s the ‘experience’ I am supposed to have now, and learning to embrace it will bring the outcome sooner.

Happy Monday!



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