Bypassing Reality


– It’s real that I have weight to lose.

– It’s real that I could use more money.

– It’s real that my job feels like I’m dying a slow death.

– It’s real that my life is unorganized.

– It’s real that my child just failed 3 subjects.

How do I feel with ‘REAL’?  Not so good.

Just because something is true, doesn’t mean you have to focus on it. Right? Just because you aren’t physically where you want to be, doesn’t mean you should let go of your desire to get there. For the realist out there, this is a tough one. For the optimist with a realist side kick, it’s almost as tough. But for the visionary, WOW, we get to play with possibility instead of what is so. We get to keep our eye on where we are going instead of where we are now. It’s heaven. Feeling the freedom and lightness of the ideal outcome. Basking in delight of accomplishment. Lavishing ourselves in ‘being there’.

Is it pretending or denying? Some might say yes. You can decide for yourself. Choose the consciousness you desire. Whatever suits you. Maybe you can try them both on and see what truly fits like a glove and wear it.

For many of us, we choose to bypass reality and go straight to the vision. It’s  much more fun in that neighborhood. What about you?

Happy Tuesday



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