But What About Me?

[tweetmeme]We wake up, do our morning routine, dash off to work, go to lunch with friends, prepare for a meeting, come home, have dinner, go to class or watch TV…… But what about me?

We are there for friends in need, volunteer, go to parties, visit family, do the chores…. But what about me?

Why is it that we seem to think we can keep up our regime without ever doing our ‘self’ work? If we want to be healthy in mind, body and spirit, wouldn’t it be conducive to give them some time or energy?
While some may go to the gym, and others may meditate daily, what part of mind, body and spirit are you ignoring?

We are willing to put in 15 hour days doing everything BUT that one thing. More than likely it is THAT thing we neglect that would bring a nice balance to our lives.

Let’s make a pact. Acknowledge that which you are depriving yourself of and make a commitment to begin with 5 minutes a day and working towards more. Set and appointment in your planner to do this so it will not be forgotten. You are more important than anything else in your day. Without YOU it wouldn’t be done anyway.

It’s a gift you give yourself when you spend time on yourself. This is a given. However, the gift you give to the world by being centered, happy, and alive is even greater.

Enjoy your ME time!

Happy Wednesday


Ready to learn to love yourself? I do self esteem sessions. When the time is right for you to call – I’m here – 954-370-8001.

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