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Since You Have To Wake Up Anyway…

[tweetmeme]Since you have to wake up anyway, why not make a choice to do it with joy. Yes we wake with fear, discomfort, overwhelm and many more emotions that seemed to creep up on us while we slept.

We open our eyes and everything that is ‘wrong’ in our lives comes rushing to our consciousness. Everything that lay dormant for several hours is now real again as we find ourselves tensing up or dreading getting up. Oh no, another day with the same problems. Ugh!

I find it’s common that many people think they are alone in this area. Many think they are the only ones with a huge load to bear. If it helps any, we are all going through something. Whether it’s physical, emotional, financial or spiritual – we all have it.

Why is it then that others seem to have it all together during the day and some can’t help but ooze that they have struggles?

It all comes down to: How do you want to begin your day? Do you want to carry your burden around and have it be the only thing people know about you? Or would you like for people to see your courage in the face of your life situations?

Since you have to wake up anyway, why not do so with the intent to rise above your current set of circumstances. Challenge yourself to be better at emanating joy and optimism. Yes there is ugliness in the world, yes there are many things that are wrong. Is it our job to perpetuate this conversation or to change it? Just because it’s true, we don’t have to give it power.

Wake with a new way of being tomorrow. Change your energy – Change the world.

Happy Monday


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