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A Good Hair Day and Nowhere To Go

[tweetmeme] – Whenever I go to the salon to get my hair done, it looks best. When I walk out I think… “Now where can I go so I can show off my new do”?  Sometimes I don’t have a place to go or someone who will see it.

– Have you ever looked outside in the evening to see the most amazing sunset and your first thought is to call someone to share it with and yet, there isn’t anyone around?

– Have you ever been through a devastating time -maybe a tragedy or illness -maybe a significant loss and no matter how much you share about it, no one can get the full impact this had on you?

Could it be that these events are not intended for sharing? Could it be that some of our life experiences were meant just for us to behold? Of course it initially feels as though they all need to be shared to get the complete effect of it. However, until you allow life’s occurrences to be yours and yours alone, you will not get the full intention of it.

I now get to bask in the sunset – as if it were a gift for me alone.

I can now sit with my experiences, tragic or otherwise and own it in its entirety.

As for my hair?… Well, sometimes I stop in a store whether I need something or not and shake it around a bit. Just for fun. (I’m work in progress)

Happy Tuesday



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