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And The Winner Is…

[tweetmeme]Some of us have been beaten down by adversity. Life for many has been truly hard and sometimes unbearable. We just want to wake to a brighter day and time.

If you think about it, we are going through something that many in history have gone through before. And in the realm of things, many have been through much worse. While that doesn’t make this moment any easier, it is interesting to look at those who made it through tough times and have become abundantly seasoned with wisdom and inner strength. They went through something- they were challenged to the max and here they are to talk about it and provide much insight to what they did to survive and thrive.

Who are you going to let win at this time of life? Your tough time or YOU?  Are you committed to victory and to come out of this time evolving into the best you ever? I certainly am. Every time I bump up against yet another hurdle I make sure I say “I don’t care what you give me I am moving forward”. Oh, I want to give up at times – I want to crumble up in a corner and sometimes I even want to run away (wherever that is) But then I think… NO I want to WIN. I am going to come through this and develop muscle and stamina and everything else it takes for me to be greater than I am today.

We all have something going on. Maybe it’s similar, maybe not. The solution to each of our situations may vary. But there is a common denominator challenge – Who are you going to become in the face of what you are facing! You are being guided, led, chiseled, molded, turned inside out and upside down for a reason. Maybe you won’t know what it is right now, but do what it takes to rise above it every possible moment. Get the support and guidance you need. Find a solution, stay IN the solution.

I am determined to win at my game of life. Are you?

Happy Wednesday!



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