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‘Feeling’ Your Vision

[tweetmeme] Some of us cannot specifically identify our vision. Some of us are crystal clear. However, most of us know how we want to feel when we ‘get there’.

If for instance your vision is to have a log cabin in the mountains (as it is mine), more than likely it’s the feeling you will experience that’s so appealing. I figure when I am in my cabin, I will feel earthy, warm and nestled. I will feel safe, comfortable and satisfied. I make a list, mental or otherwise of them all. These feelings I have attached to that cabin are what keeps it my vision. Since I don’t have the cabin today, what I do is I stay in the feeling of this experience instead of the details. I am committed to the feelings. I am aligning with what I think that cabin will be for me. And whether it’s the cabin or something else, I stay committed to this feeling.

This conveys into all visions. If you are looking for the ideal relationship, then do this exercise the same way. Some of us get very specific about our ideal mate. It’s great to be clear and concise, yet what we truly want is a ‘feeling’ more than the specifics. So if you’ve visualized someone blond with blue eyes and you meet someone with brown eyes and brown hair yet they feel the way you’ve envisioned, don’t hold on to the details. Many people meet their physical ideal and wonder why it doesn’t feel right. It’s because they aligned with the physical instead of the emotional. If your ideal relationship feels comfortable, compatible and communicative then align with that and see how quickly and effectively you attract.

For those who cannot identify their vision, this will still work. Maybe you don’t know the specifics of what you want but you know for sure how you want to feel when you get there. This can be fun. Create the way you wish to feel and let the vision appear. If your desired outcome is to feel fully self expressed, energetic and creative, then stay in that and don’t make it wrong that you haven’t gotten a vision yet. Somehow an opportunity will show up for you to live into. Maybe an acting or dance situation will manifest.

The point is, when it is said to stay in your vision, you don’t have to be so specific that you lose sight of what you truly want, and that is the feeling. If you want a million dollars, that’s great. How will it make you feel? Secure, Generous, Free? Great, stay with that!

Happy Thursday


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