Songs – Photographs In Your Mind

[tweetmeme]Remember the song that played when you fell in love? Or the one you and your friends danced to with so much fun and joy?

Songs are so significant to many of us. They measure the time line of lives. I can remember the songs I played during heartbreak and the songs that represented my shifts in consciousness – you know, the ones that brought you to a new level of empowerment. (care to name a few?)

I remember the songs that played when my father left home and the song that played in the car when I was reluctantly being moved to Florida. I have retired songs that were meant only for someone who passed.

There are times I can’t remember much at all. But the songs that played are vivid in my mind. I remember the energy that flowed through the room and the people who shared it with me. I love when I hear a song today, I can reconnect to that moment and recapture the feelings.

Many people create photo albums to reminisce with, but have you ever considered making a song album? I recently made 2 CD’s for one of my favorite people since birth. I including songs like Twinkle twinkle all the way up to the songs we played when we went on car trips (Life is a Highway). Not only do we both have a wonderful reminder of all the songs we sang together but she has passed them along to her children to experience as well.

While songs are often played in the background, rest assured they are making a subliminal imprint on you. Consider connecting with someone who shared songs with you and reminisce.

Happy Friday


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