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Is It Ok To Be A Last Minute Person?

[tweetmeme] Is it OK to shop last minute for the holidays? Is it ok to prepare for a deadline the night before?

I had a huge realization this year when dear friends of mine said they were going out to shop the night before Christmas. They were so excited and they had actually PLANNED to do it! Here I had been thinking I was procrastinating and feeling so guilty when I didn’t begin shopping in August. In reality, it wasn’t until a few days before that I felt inspired and motivated to do so. I had a great time and completed what I needed to do. Rest assured next year I will embrace this about myself instead of resist. It helped so much to feel as though this was my way instead of the ‘wrong’ way.

Somehow when I have a deadline to meet I will drag my feet. Oh, I make time for it and yet it doesn’t get done until the last minute. My self talk is not nice during this time. I also remember I studied for tests this way in school. Last minute seemed to be my way yet I had continued to beat myself up – possibly because I wasn’t doing it someone else’s way?

It wasn’t until this year that I began accepting this about myself and saying, ‘Fran, you are not lazy, you eventually get everything done, relax”.

Breaking free from the negative self talk I had been doing all these years was tough. But finally dancing to my own life rhythm without making myself out to be a procrastinator is awesome.

Oh, I am sure it would be nice to have things done way in advance. Maybe there would be more time to make everything perfect and it does work for many people. And yet, if this is the way I have operated for my entire life, I’m just going to accept this and lay off myself? How about you?

Affirmation: Today I move at my pace and I accept it as the way that works for me.

Happy Monday


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One thought on “Is It Ok To Be A Last Minute Person?

  1. I am so happy you discovered this too! I recently changed my morning affirmation to include …accomplishing all I am “meant to” do today with God’s Guidance & Assistance (replacing the self defeating language “have to” or “need to”)


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