Against All Odds

[tweetmeme]We open a new business during a recession. What are the chances that it will thrive?

We prepare to meet our ideal partner, up against millions of others doing the same. Will we achieve our goal?

We are committed to buying a home during the toughest time to get a mortgage.  Is it possible to be this fortunate?

Are you up against all odds? Is there something you are doing that either you or someone else thinks is crazy or untimely?

If you are pulled to do something where you have enormous competition, high risk or low possibility does that mean you shouldn’t do it? What do you think you gain by being daring?

Well, you build inner muscle and stamina. You build wisdom, guts and self esteem. While you or others might fear that you will fail, the reward for failing is much greater than the reward for never trying. You might fail at what you began doing yet open a new door of possibility. And what if you succeed? Wouldn’t that be amazing to say you made it through the toughest time instead of while conditions were easy to succeed?

If you are drawn to act while odds are against you, it’s only you who can determine if you should continue. Living life fully is a gamble at any given time. Remember, people make it and people fail at every stage. It’s ok to challenge yourself, it’s ok to go against all odds.

Happy Monday!



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