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All The Kings Horses…


Every so often we feel inadequate, insecure or just plain broken. Although it may not be comforting to know it, we all have this experience once in awhile. Some more than others.

These ‘broken down’ times come for a reason and it’s not to make us feel bad or less than. These ‘broken down’ times are meant to strengthen our character and teach us something. They are to show us who we truly are in the face of adversity and to point out our greatness when it’s over.

While many of us try to have someone or some thing put us back together again, our real successes occur when we obtain the tools to do it ourselves.

If you are finding that you are ‘lost’ or scared during this time… slow down, calm down and get down to the solution. The solution comes when you face it, address it and agree to take on your situation with power. There is ALWAYS a solution.

Feeling broken is an uncomfortable feeling. It’s natural to want to be ‘fixed’. But know that you have what it takes from within to do it. It’s ok to find support as long as it encourages your building your own muscle.  But as with Humpty Dumpty – All the kings Horses and all the kings men couldn’t help him… if he wanted to put himself back together…he had to do it himself.

Happy Thursday



My life and my work are taking a wonderful turn. I love that I am attracting those who want to connect with their unique message or expression. I enjoy working with creative people, supporting them in entrepreneurship as well as their personal lives.

Who would benefit from my sessions?

* Those looking for loving, gentle support

* Those coming from oppressive environments

* Creative people blocked by outside influence.

* Right brained people living in a left brain world

* Gentle, creative people looking to build a conscious and lucrative business or lifestyle.

Call me if this is you. 954 370 8001

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Fran Asaro is the CEO and founder of Thrive Any Way A Resource for building or growing your online business

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