Measure Your Growth


Do others tell you how great you are and you shrug it off?

Do you excel at most everything you do yet beat yourself up because you didn’t do more?

Are you striving for greatness every day and yet if everything isn’t turning out just so, you feel like a failure?

Remember, great people tend to be hard on themselves because they are up to something truly big. Whether you are committed to being the best parent, an entrepreneur or to change the world at a global level, the first step towards success is to know your power and greatness.

Just because you haven’t gotten ‘there’ yet doesn’t mean you haven’t achieved a high level of growth. It’s hard to see how far you’ve come without some sort of measurement. Looking forward at all you have to do is wonderful when it comes to staying in the vision, however if you want to see how far you’ve come, look back for a moment.

Don’t stay in the past of course, but for about 5 minutes once per week, take a peak at where you were a week ago, a month ago and then a year ago. Has there been a change? Did you start a new business, create a new program, do something more than you did before? If so, pat yourself on the back. You have grown my friend. Acknowledge your path. This is crucial in order to get to the next level. Honor all you have done and all that you evolved into during this time. THEN, stand on the shoulders of that phenomenal person (you) and move forward.

Affirmation: Today I appreciate where I have been and all I have done – this made me who I am today. I am proud of my accomplishments.

Happy Tuesday, and congratulations on your success!



Is it time you expressed your uniqueness to the world?  I work with creative people, supporting them in full self expression.

Who would benefit from my sessions?

* Those looking for loving, gentle support

* Those coming from oppressive environments

* Creative people blocked by outside influence.

* Right brained people living in a left brain world

* Gentle, creative people looking to build a conscious and lucrative business or lifestyle.

Call me if this is you. 954 370 8001

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