Your Truth Is In Your Dance

[tweetmeme]We all have a dance to do. Our very OWN dance – not that of someone else. While others may inspire us or guide us, we are here to express our uniqueness to the world.

Many people withhold that part of themselves for various reasons. Some are embarrassed by it, others have been oppressed by the thoughts and opinions of others and then there are those who have not allowed themselves to even ‘go there’ when it comes to their uniqueness.

In life we may vacillate by doing someone else’s dance to doing our own dance. Keep dancing none the less and your truth will come through. If you have been confronted by which way is ‘right’ for you, keep inquiring, keep in action and keep seeing the vision of you fully self expressed. It will show up if you are committed to it. Remember, your truth is in your dance.

Happy Thursday



Is it time you expressed your uniqueness to the world?  I work with creative people, supporting them in full self expression.

Who would benefit from my sessions?

* Those looking for loving, gentle support

* Those coming from oppressive environments

* Creative people blocked by outside influence.

* Right brained people living in a left brain world

* Gentle, creative people looking to build a conscious and lucrative business or lifestyle.

Call me if this is you. 954 370 8001

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For more information on ‘From Stuck to Unstoppable’ workshops, contact Fran Asaro
954 370 8001


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