– – – – Time CAN Be On Your Side – – – – (as proclaimed by the Stones)

[tweetmeme]OK, so you’re life is busy. Understood. Most of us have so many things going on that we can’t even think about implementing something new. So for those of us who want to explore new hobbies, interests or business ventures, it all seems far into the future before that will happen.

Let’s say you have a full time job or business, and a family, not to mention every other obligation or chore to do. How or where could you possibly fit in time to take a class or do your favorite pastime if there is no time?

Did you ever load a dishwasher and think it was full, then when you saw you had one more thing to fit in, somehow you managed to rearrange and squeeze that thing and possibly more in? How did that happen?

Observe in your own life where you have already managed to fit one more thing into something that was full. That could occur for your schedule as well. This is not a suggestion to overload you. This is an exercise about expansion. Have you ever considered that some of the busiest people in the world have more to do than we do and yet manage it? Have you ever seen how parents of 6 kids learn to operate a system that has their family work like clockwork? Yes, some have help and some have money to get the support they need. Please don’t let this be the conversation that stops you from reaching a solution.

Planning, implementing systems and staying committed to the desired outcome will surely bring on better results than marinating in the fact that you are in overload or upset about not having time for you.

So for a moment in time, STOP EVERYTHING! Get out a piece paper or use your computer and begin sorting out you current schedule. Where can you consolidate, who can you get to support you and what can you eliminate to make room for what you truly enjoy. I personally gave up TV and seem to have more time to work on my business. You can give up 1 hour of TV to take a teleclass or go to the gym.

We all know there are solutions to our crunched schedule. The question is will you take the time to sort out a plan of action and implement a system that works? It doesn’t have to be rigid. It’s only there as a guideline. You know what they say, everything starts with a plan.

Gift yourself a strategy session this weekend. Compile all you want to accomplish and like the dishes, rearrange and squeeze until you can fit it in. Don’t wait, you deserve it now.

Happy Friday


Is it time you expressed your uniqueness to the world or even to yourself? I work with creative people, supporting them in full self expression.

Who would benefit from my sessions?

* Those looking for loving, gentle support

* Those coming from oppressive environments

* Creative people blocked by outside influence.

* Right brained people living in a left brain world

* Gentle, creative people looking to build a conscious and lucrative business or lifestyle.

Call me if this is you. 954 370 8001

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