Just Another Day In Paradise

[tweetmeme]Oh, you’ve heard it before, ‘stop & smell the roses’, ‘if life hands you a lemon, make lemonade’.
They are wonderful and truthful sayings. There are many more that we have embedded in our memory. However, sometimes we become desensitized about all we experience and learn – the good the bad and the ugly. Sometimes we need to hear something brand new in order to connect with that same message.

Life is like a bowl of cherries, if you see it that way and Miracles DO happen to those who believe in them.

But what if you can’t tap into those messages. What if you poo poo them and say, ‘good for someone else but not me’. Or ‘whoever said those things didn’t have MY life’.

How can a positive thought or phrase penetrate an opposing thinker? Is there hope for the realist, the pessimist or the disenchanted? Well if you know someone who fits the bill, stand your optimistic ground while around them. Even if they don’t convert, you will maintain your own level of joy. If you are someone who resists the bright side, just know this… You are not alone in hard times. You are not alone in fear. AND some of us choose to rise above the reality and stay in our vision. If anything- it feels better and allows us to go on with our life with some ease.

If you feel stuck in negative thinking, stay committed to lightness of being. Whatever this is for you.

So yes, while it’s just another day in paradise, you get to decide if that is a facetious statement or a truth you want to live into. Either way, Have a Nice Day.

Happy Wednesday



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