The Comfort Of Having A Hand Holder

[tweetmeme]Yes, life gets really hard sometimes. Overwhelm and chaos fills the air. Maybe we have a project deadline or obligation tugging at us. At times we feel we cannot figure out our next step or we just can’t do another thing. We may even feel like quitting or at the very least shutting down.

We’ve all been there. It’s not fun or easy. However, during a tough time we do have choices. We could take a few steps back and regroup. (works like a charm) Or you can push through the tough time with determination and drive. (be self loving if you do)

There is another choice. The choice is to seek a hand holder. If you’ve ever had one, you know what a blessing it is. A hand holder is someone who steps into your circumstance with you. Not as an outsider. Someone who is not as emotionally attached as you are. This person calms the situation just by being there. You no longer feel alone. They may take on part or all of what you need to do so that you can have a breather and collect yourself. This is not meant to divert your responsibility but to provide a reprieve from the heaviness. It is meant to clear a space for you.

A hand holder comes in and then leaves. They are not there to run your life or to make you wrong. They are just ‘in the moment’ angels who will support you for a short in time.

Enjoy being contributed to and to have someone walk you step by step through a tough time. Feel the sense of relief. Feel the calmness come over you. Feel the love that someone shared with you.

Where does one find a hand holder? Well, it could be anyone that is willing to take some time to volunteer for you for a period. You can reciprocate if you choose (at another time, completely separate from this experience). More people need a hand holder than you know. Ask around. Be clear about what you need.

It’s time we all supported each other. When tough times come, those who get out of the ‘it’s all about my trouble’ phase and into ‘let’s do this together’ phase will have a much better go at things.

Today I want to thank my wonderful hand holder. She knows who she is. Thank you for lightening my load.

Happy Thursday!


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