Shifting Gears

[tweetmeme]  Ok, so you’ve been on track to accomplish something big. You have put time, money and a lot of energy into it. You may or may not have achieved your desired outcome, but for some reason, you don’t feel passionate about it any more. So what do you do?

Do we have to stay on track if we don’t like the track any more? Who are we trying to please or what are we trying to prove when we continue doing something that feels uncomfortable or unfulfilling?

Has it ever occurred to you that it’s OK to shift gears? It’s OK to choose another path. Aren’t we here to taste life and have a full experience? So why stay where we are less than satisfied?

There is something to be said about certain commitments whether they are relational or otherwise. No one is saying to leave a situation without giving it a fair shot. If we left everything at the first sign of trouble we’d never get to the gold on the other side of that. That’s not what this is about.

But what about those of us who have been holding on to an idea, a security, or a career because we think we have no other choice or ‘what would people say’.

How many people do you know who went to school for many years and then found out they didn’t like that career. They shifted gears and began doing what they love and are so happy.

The ultimate accomplishment after all is to be happy. And if that means shifting gears and doing something else… give yourself permission do it.

Happy Monday!



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