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Destined For Greatness II

[tweetmeme]  Destined For Greatness? Who Me? Yes YOU! You my friend were destined for greatness the same way everyone else was. What keeps us from getting to that destined place is our resistance. Resistance that looks like, doubt, fear, worthiness and negative thinking. That’s all it is!

If you KNEW you were destined for greatness and all you had to do was give up the resistance to achieve it – would you? If you knew that you would get ‘there’ when you stopped giving power to the obstacles – would you?

It’s not a question of whether you are meant to be great, it’s a question of whether you are willing to be great. This takes something. It takes a new way of thinking and behaving. It takes staying in the vision, even if you aren’t sure what that vision is. It takes self inquiry and a release of all opposing thoughts. It takes YOU to show up as a committed contributor to your life as well as the lives of others.

Being destined for greatness sounds like it is only for the privileged. Why aren’t YOU privileged? If you think it’s because you have led a tough or less than desirable life, think again. Many of the greatest role models in our history were those who came from troubled lives. They took their experiences and spun them into gold. They chose to validate their circumstance by sharing what they learned with the world and shortening the path of others. They chose to express themselves in the arts. They chose to nurture those in need. They chose to feel fully alive and to be in action.

What will YOU do with your life’s trials and tribulations? Consider them gifts to source you and guide you into your greatness. Believe me when I say this, you will be amazed by yourself and what you can accomplish.

This is not the first time I have written about this subject and I promise you, it will not be the last. I am committed to your greatness!

Happy Wednesday!



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