Only YOU Know

[tweetmeme] Only you know if you are operating at your optimum when it comes to work, relationship or life. Only you know if you are treating yourself in a loving manner with your thoughts, behaviors and actions. Only you know if you are dancing to the rhythm you were meant to dance to.

I remember someone saying that often we think we are transparent and that others can read us and see us. For the most part, people don’t have a clue what is really going on inside of you. Some of us prefer that people would figure us out so we don’t have to tell them. Or we think that if they knew our needs before we asked it would prove they loved us since they know us.

Only you know the depth that you go to and the sadness that you feel sometimes. If you have come from a dark place or a traumatic time, only you know how devastating it was. While it would be nice to have a witness to your life experience, the fact is, they are mostly for you to realize from within.

Being the only one who truly knows YOU is an honor and a privilege. There may be times you would like people to know more about you and times you hope they wouldn’t know so much. But YOU get to have the whole enchilada.

So the next time you feel a need to share your insides or you feel alone or lonely, remember that some things are meant to be a little secret with yourself. Similar to when you have a meaningful friendship because you share everything – Imagine that a series of those little secrets are what develops into having a valuable relationship with self. Enjoy those ‘Only You’ moments in life. They were meant to be a gift.

Happy Friday!




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