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Before You Give Up

[tweetmeme]Before you give up on that project, relationship or career or something major, read this.

It is our right to change our mind and life direction at any given time. After all, we are entitled to doing things our way at our pace. We are equally entitled to have a joyous life.

So what does that say about commitment and continuity? Are we going to give up every time something gets confronting or challenging? Do we have the ‘NEXT’ mentality and move on just because we don’t know what to do or feel unhappy?

I believe there is a dance to do in many aspects of life and this is one of those dances. When bumping up against a tough time, there are ways to decide if you should stay or move on. There are no steadfast rules. You make them, however some are asking for guidelines.

Ask yourself the following questions:
1. Why do I want to stay/leave this situation?
2. What am I committed to? (love, courage, determination, freedom, peace)
3. Can I see a place for personal fulfillment here?
4. Do I get my ‘gold’ by staying or leaving?
5. Am I only leaving because it’s difficult? If so, what’s possible if I went further?
6. Have I truly changed direction or am I operating out of fear, doubt or worthiness?

These are just a few questions. Feel free to ask more until you feel comfortable with your decision. If you are on the fence, consider that it may not be time to make a decision. You might need more information. If jumping off the fence is where your gold is then you might try making a small step in one direction.

Giving up is not dishonorable. You might not even want to call it that. It could be called: shifting, changing direction, expanding, seeking, releasing, moving on or any other forward thinking terminology.

Allow yourself to vacillate in the final decision making. It’s OK to process. It’s OK to ebb and flow. You are coming to a place at your own pace. Allow it.

Happy Monday!


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