Ta DA! Bursting Out of Oppressive Thinking

[tweetmeme]What is oppression? Oppression is when someone or some thing crushes your spirit, your momentum or your vision. This is a truly sad experience and most of us have had way too much of it in our lives.

Yes, it’s true that others can be responsible for oppressing us. You know, the person that says we can’t do something, shouldn’t do it or better not do it? That’s a prime example of an obvious oppressor.

But are you aware of the subliminal oppressor? That could be someone who holds you back from your vision without ever saying a word. Maybe it’s a look or gesture. Maybe they find a good reason to sidetrack you and you don’t even know what hit you. All you do know is that you never seem to get going and can’t identify why.

Are you also aware of your own oppressive thoughts? While many of us ‘say’ we want more out of our lives, we continue to sabotage ourselves with thoughts of opposing conversations such as ‘not good enough’, ‘not enough time’ or ‘don’t know how’.

Once we recognize that we are inundated with oppressive thoughts, what do we do about it? Well, the awareness alone will have an impact on whether we allow it to stop us. We also get to align with our vision more and release the opposing thought. We don’t do this by forcing it out of our mind but by bringing in more and more of what we DO want. Filling the space with the desire is much gentler then abolishing the oppression?

We may not have power to change those around us but we do have power over what we let penetrate into our belief system. YOU HAVE THIS ABILITY NOW.

Oppression cannot live inside of full self expression. Stay connected to the ideal objective and see how it begins to diminish. See how you become unstoppable in your life. Allow it.

Happy Wednesday


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