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Scheduling ‘ME’ Time

[tweetmeme]Oh, we all know it’s important. We all know it’s needed and beneficial. But be honest…have you scheduled in your ‘ME’ time this week?

We make lists for everything from chores, to phone calls to projects. What about YOU. Have you made a list of what you love to do? Have you booked yourself into your calendar?

Some say they haven’t a clue where to begin and some don’t even know what they love to do. That’s OK. All it takes is being on the court. Consider it the process of elimination. Make a small note of each thing you consider a candidate, fold it and place it in a jar. Then when it comes to your pre-scheduled ‘ME’ time, pull from the jar and be surprised at your new venture. If it doesn’t feel satisfying enough, you don’t have to do it again. If you like it, enter more of the same note cards into the jar so you will draw it more frequently.

Start your ‘ME’ jar. Call it whatever suits you. Self love rewards, Me Time gifts, or anything that inspires you. I will tell you this, not many people will be handed ME time. You are responsible for creating it and making it important enough. And you are in charge of saying no to distractions.

The more you allow ME time, the more fulfilled you will feel, the more fulfilled you feel the more productive you will become and the more those in your surroundings will benefit from the good energy.

What will you do today to connect with your ME time? When will you schedule with yourself? It’s time.. YOUR time. Enjoy!

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about ‘ME’ time by emailing me.

Happy Friday


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Fran Asaro is the CEO and founder of Thrive Any Way A Resource for building or growing your online business

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