Beware Of Energy Suckers

[tweetmeme]You wake feeling energized and ready to have a great day. You are off to work or play and somewhere along the line you run into someone who finds it necessary to share ‘bad’ news with you or tell you something about you that brings you down. All of a sudden you feel sluggish and devitalized. What the heck happened? How can others have so much power over us that we feel squashed in a matter of seconds?

Well, we are often exposed to opposing energy. Do we have to become victims of this every single time or can we rise above the muck? Well, that’s up to you. You see, we have the ability to let things roll off our back. Do we? Now that’s another story. How much power do you give to the comments of others. I know for me I have a few people who can take me to my knees with a comment or two. I get quicker at recovering from it. I do this by staying committed to my energy and not theirs. I’ve said it before, just because someone is louder or more emphatic about something, doesn’t mean they are right.

We can’t change everyone in the world who is an energy sucker. It would be nice but more than likely the easier way is to rise above the situation. Remember your natural energy, your vitality and your optimism. Remember how it feels and stay in alignment with it and not theirs. Who says you have to take on their energy anyway? When you stay committed to your space, you may make a difference for them as well.

Energy suckers, not fun to deal with when you come from a place of ‘victim’. But come from a place of personal power and you won’t let them seep into your cells. Think loving thoughts, keep reinforcing your right to feel awesome and that no one or nothing will diminish that.

It’s not always as easy as it is written here, but with practice and commitment, your muscle grows and you eventually become the master at protecting your energy.

Happy Tuesday

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