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Meeting The Masses

[tweetmeme]We go to clubs and parties where everyone has a good time and yet, we feel out of place.

We begin to resist doing that which everyone else thinks is fun or exciting.

Is something wrong? Are we getting old? Have we lost our lust for life? Chances are that none of these apply. If you are someone who does personal and spiritual development, the world shows up differently for you than most. What used to be fun is not stimulating and what used to be boring is now fun! Go figure?

Imagine a triangle with the bottom being the wide base. We start out at that bottom where the masses reside. We do what everyone else is doing because that’s all we know and for now, it’s fun. Then as we grow we move up the triangle. As it inclines, there are less and less people to share life with. It’s awkward at first. But eventually, we realize the quality feels better and better. We continue to move up as we evolve. There is often a pull or resistance because it’s unfamiliar. But we continue anyway. It feels heavenly. And yes there are less and less people.

We look down at the base of the triangle and see the masses, doing their thing. It’s not appealing. We no longer meet the masses. We are no longer served by playing in that arena. We will never be the same . . . and that’s a beautiful thing.

Happy Wednesday



Fran Asaro is the CEO and founder of Thrive Any Way A Resource for building or growing your online business

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