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Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places

This is not necessarily about relationships. This is about looking for satisfaction or fulfillment in areas that aren’t fulfilling.

We’ve heard the saying ‘don’t go to empty wells for water’ right? But some of us continue to go to people, places and things that don’t provide what we need.

Why go to a realistic person for support if you are a visionary and all they will provide is realism? Not that we don’t need SOME realism but if that’s not what you are looking for at that moment, then be mindful of who it is that you go to.

If you are looking for friendships that are deep and intimate, then why go to places where superficiality exists?

Where else in your life are you swimming in the ‘wrong’ pool? And why do you continue to go there?

Sometimes it’s all we know. We are trying to prove to ourselves that we can make that person see it our way. Or we think that person should be supportive since they are our partner, parent or friend. Just because they are those things, doesn’t mean they are the place to go when you need what you need.

Being responsible for our fulfillment, satisfaction and support is huge. And being responsible for who we choose to partner with us in those areas is equally huge. Let today begin a new pattern. One where you think before you share yourself and make sure you are in the right place for what you need.

You deserve to be supported in the manner you choose. Now all you have to do it act on it

Happy Wednesday




Fran Asaro is the CEO and founder of Thrive Any Way A Resource for building or growing your online business

One thought on “Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places

  1. Fran your thought for the day was perfect for me at exactly the right time I needed it. Thank you. I find this particulary hard for me when it involves a romantic partner . Someone can be showing love in their own way and yet I find it not fullfilling because its the opposite of what I need at the moment to feel loved. The man is displaying his love intellectually and I am needing it emotionally. So I often ask myself do you give up the intellectual man to try to go back and find an emotional man.


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