Rock That Boat Baby!

[tweetmeme] You know there are many who would love for you to conform in life. You know the ones who accuse you of rocking the boat when you try to step into newness. Whether it’s because they dislike change, have tunnel vision or are just plain protective of you or of ‘what is’, it’s not about them when you feel a pull to do something considered ‘unacceptable’.

So maybe you want to quit your job and move to another state or country – the family thinks you are breaking up the unit. Or what if you want to change your spiritual direction? It takes something huge to do this inside of a traditional religious environment.

Rocking the boat can be something as simple as changing the furniture around and upsetting the familiarity of your home to becoming a vegetarian in a meat eating family (as I did) all the way to wanting to go from corporate America to being an artist.

No matter what it is, it will surely raise the eyebrows of those around you and attract adverse reactions. Are you going to let that stop you or let it be the driving force that moves you forward?

Rocking the boat translates generically into ‘upsetting the way things are’. And many of us hate confrontation or debate so we tend to shrink back or conform to avoid all of that. How awful does that feel?

Do you think other great people had to face opposition from every aspect? But of course they did. You know changing the world even if it’s just your world takes something. It takes commitment, perseverance and yes, it takes the ability to be willing to rock that darn boat.

What are you waiting for? Why would you deprive yourself of another minute of doing it YOUR WAY. And what about those whose lives will be affected by your courage to break rules? Don’t they deserve to have you as a role model today?

Be mindful of your decisions and responsible for your actions. But also be very willing to ROCK THAT BOAT BABY!


If you are ready to rock that boat – Call me 954 370 8001



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