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From Overwhelmed and Unorganized to Systematized (part I)

[tweetmeme]As a life and business coach I must say that feeling of being unorganized and overwhelmed tops the charts with why my clients initially contact me. They are so confronted with the fact that they can’t get it all together. They feel stress and frustration. Often they feel like failures because they see others appearing to have it all together and they can’t see beyond the proverbial TO DO list.

I often hear, ‘how can I have a successful business when I can’t even clean off my desk?” In my personal experience – and I deal with both overwhelm and being unorganized myself – there are several tools to use when it comes to conquering this dilemma.

I learned the value of creating systems several years ago. There were years when I was a Realtor that my business ran haphazardly. I made some money but I wasn’t in charge of how it came in. Then the day came that I made an appointment with myself and took the time to create a system that worked for me, my budget and my personality. That was the most important appointment I ever kept. I got to see what creating a system provided for me. My business began to run like clockwork and soon it grew financially as well. Eventually, I was no longer a victim to whether business came in; I just managed what did as my income doubled then tripled. Other professionals began asking me what I was doing to have this success. I took great pleasure in sharing this secret with them.

If you are ready to get eliminate overwhelm in your life, follow some of the suggestions below to get the ball rolling. Sure this first part may look too simplistic, but have you done them? Take your time, make your own schedule but keep the appointment you make with yourself to get things done.

1. Make a full and complete list of all you need to accomplish
2. Choose 5 or less items from your list to accomplish
3. Set a time and date you would like to work on each one – and keep the date with yourself
4. Ask for help. You may need to delegate or just have someone to be accountable to
5. Keep a mental or written note of all that you accomplished. You will want to measure your results.

These are just a few tips to get you started. When it comes to creating a system for your life and/or your business, it’s important that you first begin with being clear of where you are and where you want to go.

Next life by Design message: Systems: How can they make a difference?

Happy Monday


For more information about setting up systems and mind mapping, contact Fran Asaro 954 370 8001 or go to


Fran Asaro is the CEO and founder of Thrive Any Way A Resource for building or growing your online business

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