How Do You Know if you are Living an Authentic Life?

There are loads of classes, books and conversations on living an authentic life. It wasn’t always the ‘thing’ to be. There was a time when conforming was the rage. Follow this group or that leader. But no more.

What happened? Was there a universal shift and now everyone is moving towards individuality and uniqueness? Some say there was. Either way the thought of being authentic feels really comfortable for me. If it does for you as well, then accommodating that thought is the way to go.

So how do you know when you are living an authentic life? I had a client ask me to help her be authentic. I hesitated for a few moments and then thought… How could I do that? How could I help her be more authentic? Then I realized that I couldn’t. Authenticity is not something we work to become. It’s something we are. While we may have covered much of it up over the years with pretending, blending and changing, we can never forget who we truly are. It’s a remembering process. That’s all.

There are many facets to living an authentic life. The aspect of ‘remembering’ is just one. To begin the process of remembering, all you have to do is stimulate your thoughts. Whether they be from the past or the present it won’t matter. When you begin to notice ways of being with yourself or even with others, you will unfold truths about yourself. Start building your repertoire of authentic characteristics of yourself. Do you remember how you used to be? Did laughing resonate with you? When you danced did it feel like you were more alive? When you carried yourself in a certain manor did you feel better about yourself?

Take your time; enjoy the process of remembering yourself. Rebuild that which is innately you. Keep what works; discard that which no longer serves you. You will be surprised to find a magnificent you reappearing.


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