Ask Your Coach

Many people come up to me or email me questions about life and business. I love to help them resolve their issues. Often I wish I could share the answer with those who have the same questions. So I am going to begin a segment of this blog called ASK YOUR COACH.

Bring your questions here and I will begin to post the answers. All posts will be anonymous.

You can post your questions below or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Todays question:

Is it a good idea to bring a family member or friend to work in your business?

Great question!  I have had many a family member work with me at my Auto Body shop years ago. It was fun for sure. I do wish I was better equipped at choosing the right person.

Here’s what I ran into.

I hired them for the wrong reasons.

  1. They were family
  2. They needed money
  3. I needed a warm body to help out.

What I didn’t do it have ‘the conversation’ that needed to occur.

  1. Were they qualified? Just because I trusted them, didn’t mean they were qualified
  2. What happened if it didn’t work out
  3. What are both of our expectations
  4. Privileges
  5. Deal breakers

If you are looking to have a friend or family member work with you, invest the time in a solid conversation to save the relationship and your peace of mind. Call in a professional if you need someone to help.

Remember, if you have a question, email




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