Making Life Easier


How often do you wish life would be easier? We seem to go in the opposite direction every time we are exhausted or stressed. Some of us rush to get things done so we can relax later but later never comes. Others put off ‘easy’ until later in life. Where in your priorities do you place ease?

What happened to our society that we think busy is better. More is better. When is the last time you stopped to slow down long enough to see how you could make your life more efficient and run more smoothly?

I venture to think that yes, even your life could be made to run easier so that you would feel more relaxed and enjoy it more.

So what does that entail? Well, the first thing is to make the hardest move; to set a time to evaluate your life and see what is causing the ‘hardness’. Then take a look at what could be possible. Do you need support, a plan, or just a few adjustments? You’d be amazed by the results you could produce if you stayed committed to that easier life that we all want and stop paying attention to was doesn’t work.

For today, find a mantra that works towards your life feeling easier. Maybe you could start each day saying ‘how can I improve upon this’? Or ‘I am committed to a life of ease today and every day’. Don’t wait for ‘EASY’ to knock on your door. You’ll want to declare it for yourself and be the reason you have it.

Enjoy today!



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