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[tweetmeme]Let The Good Times Roll

Do you have anyone in your life who talks about their past a lot? You know, the person who reminisces about all the good times they had and how wonderful life was ‘back then’? It’s wonderful to recapture good times and laugh at how things were. It makes for great conversation and warm moments.

But what about letting the good times roll into the present and the future? Are you keeping your best years behind you or are you creating new memories for years to come? It’s so important to keep your fun thoughts on present and future to continue the moment of a good life.

What do you have to look forward to? A vacation? A new venture? Maybe a new love? When we begin to envision our lives expanding into wonderfulness it keeps us young at heart and having a reason to be alive!

Start by taking a few moments and jotting down what it is you would like to create for yourself. Don’t judge, just write it all down. Then make a check list and begin exploring some of those things. Some call this a bucket list. It doesn’t have to be something huge. You can write down that you want to have a sleep over party with your friends (yes even adults have sleepovers!) Or join a hiking group. Think big and think small. If it inspires you and it feels like fun, then write it down. Maybe you will do them all or not but how fun will it be to try to complete your list.

Maybe you can even give it a name. For instance, many of us have heard of a vision board. What about calling this your ‘Joy Board’ filled with all the things you want to do for fun and to create memories.

Hopefully, even the thought of a joy board will have your good times roll into your NOW. Fun was not just meant for our youth or our past. Create anew everyday!

Happy Wednesday

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[tweetmeme]You don’t have to jump out of a plane to be daring. Some do and love it, but for others, daring looks like going beyond a comfort zone and could be anything from staying home alone to traveling outside the country.

The point is to be daring at the right level for you. So how do we know what our true level of daring is? It’s an observation. You get to use your inner barometer to measure your comfort level. Start from where you are and bring in an idea or thought that you consider to be daring. How does it make you feel? The idea is to go just a bit beyond your comfort zone and do something daring for you. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look that way to others. Your comfort level will begin to change and you will eventually be able to do more and more daring things for yourself.

Step outside your comfort zone each day, just a bit. You will be amazed at the muscle you build when it comes to growing your life experiences and the fun you can have. Challenge your current set of circumstances and challenge yourself to be a pioneer in your own life.

Give it a try, dare to be daring.

Happy Tuesday


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Where in your life do you wish to set a boundary?

With whom do you need to have a conversation?

In what areas do you seek more power and strength?

According to Webster’s Dictionary

To assert oneself is to: speak or act in a manner that compels recognition especially of one’s rights

If somewhere, someone led you to believe your voice didn’t matter, it’s time to release this thinking.

If you’ve been waiting to connect with your inner strength to resolve an issue, do it now.

Often we endure much more than we need to when it comes to other peoples thoughts, ideas or visions. Often we tolerate less than desirable circumstances because we fear confrontation or change.

If we only knew how glorious it felt to rid ourselves of the heavy burden of outside influence, we would be assertive all day long.

What will it take for you to be assertive today? Make a commitment to be a stand for yourself. Set a clear intention to set a boundary or put a structure in place. Know that you have a right to your boundaries and so do others. Do what it takes to exercise this right as often as you need and experience it getting easier each time.

Be clear in your communication. Be committed to your boundary. Know that you are worth it!

Happy Friday!



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It has been stated in many ways that “if you fight for your limitations- you will surely get to keep them’.

How many of us use our limitations as the reason we don’t step up to the plate? How long will we give power to what isn’t instead of what is, could be?

What isn’t going exactly as you’d like? Maybe your relationship has glitches, or your finances are at an all time low. Possibly you have a handicap of some sort or lack formal education. Do you know that people with these same limitations have gone on to realize their visions IN SPITE of it all?

So the next time you hear yourself say, I would love to do that – and I will, eventually – when I resolve my limitation… remember this….

Let your limitations be the driving force for you to THRIVE ANY WAY.

Use what you have AND what you don’t have to fuel you not stop you. Change your language to ‘I’m there no matter what’ Just think of the example you will be for your children, your partner, your friends and family. We all need to witness someone soaring in spite of their limitations. It could be YOU.

No more hiding behind them…. It’s time to thrive with or without them!


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