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Giving Up Just Short Of The Gold

[tweetmeme] When you are pursuing a new venture and it doesn’t seem to be working out, it’s a natural impulse to quit and call it a failure.

When you have been eating right for weeks and nary a pound has fallen from your body, it’s understandable when you say ‘I might as well be eating a pizza’.

When you find yourself in a whirlwind relationship and all of a sudden turbulence it’s the air, of course the first thoughts will be ‘I must have made a mistake – I’m outta here”.

Most of us feel a tug at some point in our journey, even when we are passionate about something, if it occurs that things just aren’t going as planned. And we want to bail.

Do you think that those of us who bail a bit too soon are the same people who never truly get to experience the joy of achievement? Are the people who thrive the ones who hit a speed bump, and another and another but STILL continue in spite of it all?

All I know is it’s very frustrating to bust my tail for little or no reward. When this happens my thinking gets distorted and I begin to question my abilities, motives, and worthiness. Now this will surely thwart my possibilities don’t you think?

What it truly takes in times of adversity or breakdown is that inner muscle. The one that says, ‘I’m going forward no matter what. I am going to see this thing to fruition – and only THEN will I decide if I want to give up or not. Not because I am confronted with a challenge, but because I CHOOSE to. Bring on the challenge because it build my stamina, it strengthens my determination, it thrusts me forward’.

Continue until you get to the GOLD!

Happy Thursday


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When All Else Fails

What are your options when you try everything and nothing seems to work? Do you give up? Do you try harder? Do you surrender to a higher source?

It’s a tough decision. When you are out there beating down doors to get business, or to make ends meet and you still can’t get ahead, how much harder do you need to work? Is there such a thing as relinquishing your energy and letting the chips fall where they may? Would that be considered giving up or failure?

Is there a right way to handle a relationship that is so turbulent, no matter how much you try you cannot see the light? Do you walk away or stay with your commitment?

When you have a child whose behavior is less than acceptable and yet you cannot penetrate them with sense, do you give up or fight back?

If you try and try again to eat right and exercise but you continue to fall short of your goals should you forget about trying at all?

We all have those things that challenge us. We all fall short of what we want, need or strive for. We ALL fail over and over again. So what does that mean when we fail? What does it mean when we can’t get ahead of ourselves? Why do others BEAT that race while others continue on a hamster wheel?

All I can say is this – when all else fails – Remember the following:

  • Know that you have choice. Choice seems to free us up from feeling imprisoned by our experience. Then choose the way to go. There is no right or wrong, there is only choice. So choose to go in another direction or persevere in the one you began.
  • Know there is a solution – there always is – trust that and stay committed to it.
  • Trust that there is an end to this – maybe soon, maybe not. But it’s coming
  • Know that what is happening is happening FOR you and not TO you. A muscle is building in you that one day you will see and appreciate. Maybe not today, but one day.
  • Times like these are a reminder not to speed up, but a time to reflect and allow ourselves to be guided and enlightened. Do what it takes to get universal/ divine support.

When all else fails, know that perspective plays a huge part in your situation. Change your thoughts, change your story.

I wish you a smooth day.


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Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places

This is not necessarily about relationships. This is about looking for satisfaction or fulfillment in areas that aren’t fulfilling.

We’ve heard the saying ‘don’t go to empty wells for water’ right? But some of us continue to go to people, places and things that don’t provide what we need.

Why go to a realistic person for support if you are a visionary and all they will provide is realism? Not that we don’t need SOME realism but if that’s not what you are looking for at that moment, then be mindful of who it is that you go to.

If you are looking for friendships that are deep and intimate, then why go to places where superficiality exists?

Where else in your life are you swimming in the ‘wrong’ pool? And why do you continue to go there?

Sometimes it’s all we know. We are trying to prove to ourselves that we can make that person see it our way. Or we think that person should be supportive since they are our partner, parent or friend. Just because they are those things, doesn’t mean they are the place to go when you need what you need.

Being responsible for our fulfillment, satisfaction and support is huge. And being responsible for who we choose to partner with us in those areas is equally huge. Let today begin a new pattern. One where you think before you share yourself and make sure you are in the right place for what you need.

You deserve to be supported in the manner you choose. Now all you have to do it act on it

Happy Wednesday



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Scheduling ‘ME’ Time

[tweetmeme]Oh, we all know it’s important. We all know it’s needed and beneficial. But be honest…have you scheduled in your ‘ME’ time this week?

We make lists for everything from chores, to phone calls to projects. What about YOU. Have you made a list of what you love to do? Have you booked yourself into your calendar?

Some say they haven’t a clue where to begin and some don’t even know what they love to do. That’s OK. All it takes is being on the court. Consider it the process of elimination. Make a small note of each thing you consider a candidate, fold it and place it in a jar. Then when it comes to your pre-scheduled ‘ME’ time, pull from the jar and be surprised at your new venture. If it doesn’t feel satisfying enough, you don’t have to do it again. If you like it, enter more of the same note cards into the jar so you will draw it more frequently.

Start your ‘ME’ jar. Call it whatever suits you. Self love rewards, Me Time gifts, or anything that inspires you. I will tell you this, not many people will be handed ME time. You are responsible for creating it and making it important enough. And you are in charge of saying no to distractions.

The more you allow ME time, the more fulfilled you will feel, the more fulfilled you feel the more productive you will become and the more those in your surroundings will benefit from the good energy.

What will you do today to connect with your ME time? When will you schedule with yourself? It’s time.. YOUR time. Enjoy!

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about ‘ME’ time by emailing me.

Happy Friday


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