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16 Topic Ideas For Your First Autoresponder Series

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Below you will find 16 Topic Ideas For Your First Autoresponder Series

16 Topic Ideas for your first Autoresponder Series

Definition of an autoresponder: An autoresponder is a simple yet effective email marketing tool that allows you to send a series of scheduled follow-up emails. Based on specific parameters that you set within your email system they get triggered when someone takes the action you set.  For example: When someone opts into your email through a free offering, a follow-up email or series of emails will begin to get sent based on your original set-up. 

Many entrepreneurs have no formal email marketing system. Of those that do, many are not consistent with sending out emails. That in and of itself can lose you a lot of potential customers and of money. But what about those of you who have an email marketing system and yet, are not taking advantage of the autoresponder feature it has?

Do you realize the benefits of setting them up? What I found is that most people don’t set up email marketing and autoresponder series because they are:

  1. Intimidated – The very thought of it overwhelms them
  2. Don’t have a program that they use for professional emails.
  3. Don’t know what to say in the emails.
  4. Think social media is enough and that emails are old school.

I’m here to say that emails and autoresponders are here to stay. Recently, Tik Tok creators were in a frenzy when they were told that the social platform would be closed down. While many of them are on multiple social platforms, they got a jolt of reality that maybe their audience could be gone in a split second. Do you know what the smart creators did? They began to request email addresses from their followers so they could stay in touch in the event their connection was lost.

Email addresses may come and go, but most people keep theirs for years and years. And while social media is an awesome way to market your business, email addresses are a way you can connect with your audience and know that most likely, it’s delivered. Whether they open it or not, they heard from you and they will remember you. If an email wasn’t still the ‘thing’ then why is it still required by most companies that you do business with? Every application, every order, every optin. Why shouldn’t YOU benefit from gathering your customer’s emails as well? But that’s a whole other blog!

16 topic ideas for your first autoresponder series Fran Asaro, Thrive Anyway Constant Contact

Today we are going to talk about setting up your very first autoresponder series. There are so many series you can set up after this one, but let’s get this first one started.

Setting the scene:

If you already offer lead capture opportunities with an optin form, that’s a great start. However, if you haven’t set up a series of follow-up emails once they optin, you are doing yourself a grave injustice and losing the benefits of that capture.

Imagine if you can touch every person who opted in with a personalized email or series of emails that are sent automatically? Can you see how much time that would save you? Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone know what you want them to know?

Hopefully, today will help with that. I want you to know that the first time is the most challenging. It was for me. Mainly because I had no clue how to do it and what to say. Do you feel the same way?

What if I told you that once you set aside the time to actually create your autoresponders, you will be amazed by how great it feels to finally have a marketing tool that is professional and efficient.

Benefits of setting up an autoresponder series:

  • The marketing tool that keeps on giving – when someone signs up to your email optin, they will hear from you for a period of time even while you are doing other things. This is great time management.
  • With the right emails, you will be able to tell people everything you want them to know about you and your business in short but sweet emails that go out to them.
  • You build your brand and allow others to get familiar with all of you. Because if you tell someone everything about you the first time you meet, they won’t remember it and will probably get overwhelmed.
  • By having an autoresponder series, you can turn prospects into buyers
  • You establish a deeper relationship with the recipient
  • Autoresponder follow-up ensures no one falls through the cracks once they enter your system.
  • Easily duplicated for another series of emails
autoresponder series Fran Asaro, Thrive Anyway


  • Start a folder entitled MYCOMPANYNAME autoresponders and save it in your Word or Docs file
  • Prepare all material outside of your email program. (you will copy and paste later)
  • Create a new contact list inside your email program – Name is something memorable such as my free eBook offer
  • Set aside time to do it alone or with a partner that knows the ropes.
  • Know your email program’s limits on autoresponders. Some have a maximum amount on the series (the topic of a group of autoresponder emails) and some have unlimited series but a cap on the number of emails inside the series.
  • Create evergreen material – This is VITALEvergreen refers to being timeless. For instance, your autoresponder will go out to someone who signs up to your email list at any given time of the day, month, or year. So, keep all time-sensitive details OUT. No holiday specials (unless you remove this series right after an event or holiday) Right now we are creating your very first autoresponder so let’s consider this one, the one that will stay active for a long time with no specials.
  • Decide when to begin your emails. If you have 10 emails to include in your series, then decide when the very first one goes out (many have it go out the day after they sign up unless it includes the Free offering, then you’d want it to go out immediately)
  • The remainder of the emails – Depending on how often you want them to hear from you and what your content is, will determine your time between sends. For instance, if you feel they NEED to know everything right away, then you can send emails out daily, or 3 times per week. Or you can start off with a few immediate emails and then have the remainder go out once a week.
  • The number of emails does not matter – you can send out one autoresponder as a thank you and that’s it! Or you can send out 3 or 5 or 10 depending on how much you have to say.
  • Sign up for your own autoresponder – Before sharing your series with the world, sign up to your own list and make sure it runs smoothly. Have a friend do the same to get feedback.
  • Send short emails – Sometimes the people you are sending to don’t know you well. Sending a very short read can ensure that they spend the time to read it. Adding a photo helps or a pertinent quote or statistic.
  • Create a call to action – Ask them to do something simple. Click here to read more, contact us, reply to us, etc.
  • This is not the place to sell them anything – Unless you make an offer that is timeless, you won’t want to present a sale or special. But you can offer a first-time buyer discount.
Women entrepreneur on computer

Here are 16 Topic Ideas For Your First Autoresponder Series Choose those that are a good fit for your business. Suggested topics:

  1. Welcome aboard! – Let them know you will be sending out a series of emails to help get them acquainted with you and your company. In this email, request they save this series to a folder entitled YOUR COMPANY NAME
  2. Introduce yourself and your staff – Send photos, bios or even videos introducing everyone and how they can help. The more you tell them about you, the more personally connected they will feel. People love to do business owners they feel friendly with.
  3. Contact information – Here is a great place to provide all of your links, numbers, emails, and other contact information. If your subject is descriptive enough, they will open it or save it. Drop us a line to say hello
  4. Regular events – If you do regular events that can be measured without dates, this would be a great time to tell them. Example: Join us for the Introduction webinar – Every Thursday at 10 am via zoom. Sign up here to join us, it’s free!
  5. Give them a taste of your product or service – We offer these products or services to this type of buyer. Visit here to see our inventory.
  6. Survey: How can we help you? Please take a moment to complete this 2 question survey so that we can serve you better.
  7. Referral program: Do you know someone who may be interested in our product or service? Have them contact us at ###-###-#### (better yet, you can provide them a form to fill out with their referrals.
  8. Our company in the news – We made the local news, take a look at what we did
  9. Testimonials – Many people like to know what others are saying about doing business with us. Visit our testimonial page here.
  10. Social Media – Please join us on our social media pages here
  11. Tour of your website, store, or another platform – You could make an actual video showing them around a brick and mortar business or a video screen share helping them navigate your webpage
  12. FAQ – Have questions, please visit our FAQ page here and get them answered. Prefer to ask us in person, call or email us here (link to your contact page)
  13. Article about your product or service – Send them a link or embed an article that promotes or endorses your product
  14. Before and After photos – If you have a product or service that transforms, then share it with them.
  15. Tips and Tricks – If you have the type of business that people can use resources, tips or information about, this is a great place to start.
  16. Complete the series – You might invite them to contact you for a private call to discuss their needs or ask them to drop by for a free gift. Something that connects you even further.

Thank you for reading 16 Topic Ideas For Your First Autoresponder Series

I’m sure you can come up with other ideas as well. But don’t worry, you are not alone – Contact me if you need help setting up your email and autoresponder series.

All the best – Enthusiastically,


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16 Topic Ideas For Your First Autoresponder Series

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