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Face it, I’m Older and I Have More Insurance! TAWANDA!!

A love letter to the Boomers

If you’ve ever seen and related to this iconic moment in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes you will want to keep reading.

This scene is where Kathy Bates’ character gathers up every ounce of her power and refuses to be taken advantage of any more! The declaration TAWANDA that she yells out has been in my vocabulary ever since, whenever I connect to my inner strength or WANT to.

So why am I sharing this with you? Because as we get older, we often feel a little ‘less than’ our younger counterparts. We may feel as though we can’t keep up or that we are having trouble coming to terms with our age at some level. Some of us feel less attractive than the young’uns (and this goes for men as well as women), while others long for the good old days when they were unstoppable. I’m here to declare that we Boomers still have it. We are still millions strong and we still carry a lot of weight (don’t say it ).

I want to take a few moments to acknowledge those of us who are older and wiser. We are a community and I would like to keep it that way. We don’t even know each other and yet… we KNOW each other. No matter where we are from, chances are that we’ve watched the same TV shows, seen the same movies and had a similar upbringing. Our history is different than anyone else’s and only we can relate to it.

We know what it’s like to be older than a lot of todays technology and yet, if you are reading this or writing your own blog, you are probably doing OK in that area.

We have become so much younger than our parents were at this age. Young enough to stay active, start businesses and be incredible role models for other generations. Even the movie industry is catering to our age group because we STILL have buying power. We still OWN this country. Our music is timeless. We had the Beatles and Woodstock for goodness sake. What can ever compare to that?

I’ve always loved being a boomer, we were ‘it’. I am proud to be a part of a community that is so diverse yet so connected. You are my family at some level. You are my people and I’m so happy to grow older with you.

I want to take this moment to appreciate us and to honor us. We are seasoned individuals, thirsty for the future while still basking in and appreciating our past. If you are feeling the same way, if you love being a boomer and proud to be in a world of people who survived much, thrived even more and continue to live until there’s no life left in us, then I want to hear from you. Share with me how you feel connected to other boomers. What makes you proud to be one? And if you are not a Boomer, what about us makes a difference in your life. Thank you for being my ‘tribe’


Fran Asaro is a Virtual Partner for 50 and over entrepreneurs. What’s a Virtual Partner you ask? Not a coach… find out more




Fran Asaro is the CEO and founder of Thrive Any Way A Resource for building or growing your online business

16 thoughts on “Face it, I’m Older and I Have More Insurance! TAWANDA!!

  1. Great read! Although I am not a boomer yet, I just turned 48 last month, I can identify with your comments. I am feeling old and often don’t have the energy to do accomplish the things I did when I was younger. However, I am much wiser now and the wisdom gained over the years is invaluable!

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    1. Thank you so much for your generous sharing Gwen. I know only too well the feeling you are describing. It took a while but when I stopped resisting my age and began embracing it and all that wisdom you speak about, I found I was sitting on a gold mine for myself. I hope you find that place where you only see value in the fact that you are seasoned, needed and powerful. Happy Belated birthday


    1. Thank you Laura, I am thrilled that you found value in this topic. It’s not just you! Keep embracing your years and the value they provide the world. You didn’t go through all you did for nothing wise woman!


  2. I’m a boomer too and feel wonderful about it. But in many ways, I feel more at home with younger people, all my closest friend are in their 40s. I look ahead more than those my age (59), not too interested in the past. Yet I LOVE my life experience!!!

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    1. I love and resonate with many age groups as well Stella. Some because they are contemporaries and some because I or they feel I have something of value to offer. That’s the blessing of being a senior, we get to be a culmination of all our years, all our personalities and all our wisdom. Thank you


    1. Lori, if I could help one person move through this tough time a bit easier, it would make my journey more meaningful. As soon as we embrace our new path, you will be amazed at the new opportunities before you. Enjoy the ride, it’s not meant to be painful, it’s transition and when you are in new territory there is some discomfort. That’s all.


  3. I can, ahem, see 60 approaching and I’m half-way through my History MA, starting to discover new music, out with our dog and feel more at one with myself than I ever have, but does anyone know where my hair has gone?

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    1. Ha! Robert, a few years ago, my then boyfriend and I went to an event with several wise and spiritual men speakers. They were mostly bald! He looked at me and said, ‘I think I will stay un-evolved. I don’t want to lose my hair.’

      So maybe your hair has made room for the amazing and wise new you! I enjoyed your music you shared in your blog. Thank you.


  4. Omg I loved this. That was one of my fave movies and I too, will shout TAWANDA now and again! Great article!


  5. Great post Fran. Although I am not a Boomer, I do enjoy learning from them and accepting all of their guidance. My grandmother was my bestfriend, I mean litereally. We went everywhere together and did everything. She helped mold me. I don’t do well with those of my own age, I never have. However, I’ve learned this about myself and try to remind myself that life is full of adventures and and opportunities to be better and learn more. (FB: Addie Cotoure)


  6. Age has never really bothered me Fran, and I’ve welcomed each milestone birthday with gratitude for the lessons learned and anticipation of what the future will bring. In fact, when I turned 50, I felt I had arrived! Age is a state of mind although there are days when I am reminded that I need to slow down, especially when I’ve discovered a new technology or skill and want to learn everything. The youngsters may have youth but we have the wisdom gleaned from years of living.


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